Youth projects and Kaunas Challenge alumni community

Young people who have completed the Kaunas Challenge Programme have the opportunity to join a group of like-minded young people in the Alumni Club, a community that provides a safe environment for young people to share ideas, create cultural projects and have a good time in a group of like-minded people.

The fashion project Komoda tells and depicts the cultural life of Kaunas through fashion. The project aims to provide a platform for young fashion designers to showcase their work and organise fashion shows in open spaces in the city



A surprise project that surprises its visitors with a variety of activities: from a pop'up café to a sandwich making competition, this project will bring a smile to everyone who visits their events


"Half Song Festival (PDF) - a gateway to rap/trap culture for young people


A musical project to prove that music is NOT just a background! By bringing together musicians from different styles, the project creates a platform for young creators to be heard

The aim of "BErėmų" is to break the established order or frame and give them a livelier, brighter tone. We want to colour the city in colours never seen before by any Kaunas resident by organising exhibitions of different exhibits created by artists who are not yet known to the public


A project to bring together young photographers and models and give them the opportunity to create and learn by participating in creative photography workshops